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About Cascade

Cascade aims to facilitate the complex role that administrators play in the financial sector by offering one centralised solution where the whole relationship of a client and governance process is driven by a single product.
In biochemistry a Cascade is a chain of reactions in which the product of a previous step is the substrate of the next. This concept is also relevant to business operations where actions are sequential. You track a lead, negotiate, send an offer, onboard the client, provide various services, which themselves may be sequential.
Our Platform simplifies, organises and automates the operational complexities of Fiduciaries, Fund Administrators and Law Firms, structuring their processes for day-to-day activities (Register function, Transfer Agency, Compliance & AML/KYC, Sales, Risk, Project Management, Set Up among others). It replaces multiple external applications used by operational teams, thus ensuring better control from a team management point of view.

Targeted issues

By offering a holistic approach to operations, Cascade resolves:

  • The need for multiple external applications e.g. AML/KYC, project management.
  • Decentralised information, often maintained on individual staff-s PCs or mobile phones.
  • A large number of logins and passwords.
  • Lack of clarity and overview on important projects and processes.
  • No visibility on staff progress on an ongoing basis.
  • Issues and problems not being flagged before they arise.
  • Critical client documentation expiring and blocking transactions or other business.
  • Repetitive input of the same data in to different platforms and softwares.
  • Staff carrying out tasks and functions in their own way and not having templates to follow.
  • The lack of affordable suitable IT tools available, specifically for SMEs.


Cascade represents ONE environment with MODULAR approach.

Sales & Client Onboarding Modules


Sales & Client Onboarding Modules

  • Lead tracking
  • Deal stage tracking
  • Deal description, Proposed Fees
  • Client Acceptance process
  • Possibility to export / import a data questionnaire
  • AML/KYC tracking
  • List of tasks needed to incorporate a specific type of fund or a company
  • Creation of tasks for users
  • Progress monitoring
  • Generation of client reports
  • Document storing & templates
  • Comment fields

Internal Risk and Compliance


Internal Risk and Compliance

  • Monitoring and alerts of document expiration dates
  • Monitoring and alerts of different risk levels of investors and counterparties
  • Transaction monitoring and randomized lists for compliance/auditor checks
  • Full audit trail of data input and manipulation
  • Reportable list of contracts and contracted parties with review dates and alerts

Registries & Transfer Agency & Domiciliation Modules


Registries & Transfer Agency & Domiciliation Modules

  • Electronic registry of shareholders
  • Automatic print out of confirmations, contract notes and account statements
  • Automatic generation of AGMs/EGMs convocations, address labels
  • Full audit trail of data input
  • Corporate Secretary functions
  • AML/KYC screening directly from the platform
  • Register of Beneficial Owners allowing RBE reporting
  • Streamlining Due Diligence process on Counterparties
  • Registry of Clients/Initiators, Banks, Distributors, Auditors, Brokers, Advisors, Suppliers etc
  • Monitoring of Relationship Status

Organisation of operations


Organisation of operations

  • Possibility to enter to the meeting with phone, tablet or a laptop, add participants from the users or counterparties already logged to the platform, add tasks, generate and send minutes etc.
  • Full professional Project Management tool allowing creation of projects and tasks with priorities, statuses, assigned users, deadlines, time spent etc
  • Predefined list of tasks to follow for recurring projects like Migrations, Liquidations, Changes of addresses, directors etc. enabling teams to learn and follow the steps
  • Clear and transparent Project Reports generation
  • User panel allowing every user view on the tasks he/her is assigned to and to add personal ‘’To Do” Lists
  • Management panel allowing monitoring of workflows and resources


Cascade offers a very attractive pricing model.
Affordable to all from small two person companies to large structures.

pricing icon All-in, 100% functionality

No more cherry-picking modules

pricing icon All upgrades for free

No more hidden extra costs

pricing icon Affordable to all

Prices starting from €6.000 p.a.


Broad experience in running Regulated SME’s. Expertise in Governance and Operations including Transfer Agency, Fund Accounting and Domiciliary matters. Responsible for launch of numerous Investment Funds and Corporates (Holdings, SPVs, PE vehicles etc).

Maciej Waloszyk - Managing Partner

Maciej has held executive positions within Investment Fund sector in Luxembourg. He is a CSSF authorised director for Manco's & AIFM's. He holds a business degree from the Luxembourg Business Academy awarded for the accomplishment of a programme co-designed with the Luxembourgish Chamber of Commerce. His expertise encompasses the set-up of Investment Funds, as well as the creation of commercial companies. He has a broad knowledge of operational aspects of the services provided to investment funds including Transfer Agency, Domiciliation and Corporate Secretary services.

Declan Ohannrachain - Managing Partner

Declan is a CSSF approved director. He has extensive fund industry knowledge and experience and has delivered and developed training programmes for both national and international entities, including financial regulators. He is currently also the director of a real estate fund, having previously held senior positions at Bank of New York and Continental Fund Services.

Marcus Littler - Partner UK

Marcus is an experienced and successful senior asset management & financial services sales director with strong business development and team management skills. Marcus has 30 years experience in the financial sector and has held senior positions within major institutions including JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and BNY Mellon. He is IMC certified and has been responsible for building & growing institutional business from across the EMEA region.

Garrett Dempsey- Partner Ireland

Garrett is an experienced hybrid professional with 30 years experience straddling finance, business tax and project management (with a special focus on foreign business start-ups in Ireland). He currently serves as an independent non-executive director on the boards of a number international companies. He has previously served as a company secretary and executive director in a number of US, Canadian, Italian, Scottish and Irish companies in the pharmaceutical industry, in the IP/Licensing industry as well as financial services and other sectors.


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